They Did Good

When I was visiting my daughter’s college campus recently I took the time to really pay attention to the details of the buildings and the way that things were set up. I wanted to know just how this building had been put together and just how much work had gone into it. What I found was that the education architecture was amazing and that someone had really done a great job with the place. I am proud to have my daughter living at such a great campus, as I know that this place was put together with love.

There are many great buildings out there, but there are also some that seem to have been thrown together. I was proud in the moment that I realized that my daughter lived on a campus that had been made right.

I had been a bank teller for 11 years. I did not like my job, but I had two children I had to support. However, two years ago, I decided that enough was enough. I was tired of working long hours for very little pay. I was also tired of dealing with irate customers on a daily basis. I knew that I had the greatest chance of getting the type of job that I wanted if I went back to school.

I began to do research on careers that interested me. I decided that massage therapy would be my best career option. I contacted a school the next day and within a week I had enrolled. I decided to start working part-time so that I could attend school full-time. It was a struggle, but I graduated 16 months later. Every time that I perform a thai massage Liverpool, I know that my career change was worth it.

It’s back-to-school season which means all the big box stores are running INSANE specials on office products. Not gonna lie, I look forward to this all year long, because I get to stock up for the office at home.

So I headed down to one, because they were offering reams of printer paper for $2 apiece and that’s cheap and, hey, I need it. If I picked up a composition book because of nostalgia along the way, well, that’s between me and my wallet. Besides, they were like fifty cents apiece.

Anyway, I was in there for like, maybe ten minutes? If that. And when I came out my car had been broken into — the passenger-side window was all bashed in! My insurance probably won’t cover it, too, the jerks.

But here’s the kicker. There are Bolton CCTV cameras all over the parking lot, right? Except they told me that none of them actually work and are there as a deterrent! Some deterrent, I’m down a car window and my CD collection.

Thanks a bunch, jerks who stole my late-90′s music collection.

How the Internet Saved My Bakery

My baking business was very successful at first. I enjoyed waking up early every day to bake my cakes, muffins and cookies, and I genuinely liked conversing with all of my customers. Things were running smoothly until the city in which my bakery was located decided to install parking meters. This may not seem like a big deal, but it meant that I no longer received any walk-in impulse buyers. I made most of my money from people who happened upon my little place as they were walking around aimlessly on nice days. Once the city started charging people to park, they stopped coming into town just to walk around. I was worried that I might have to close my bakery.

My business was saved when I enlisted an SEO Company Manchester to bolster my Internet presence. Now people drive into town and pay for parking just to visit my bakery.

A New Business

Ann just rented a new space in a good place in town for her business. There was only one problem with her new business. When it rained for a couple of days the water just stayed on top of the pavement. Ann knew that it didn’t look good and that it deterred customers away. She decided to call around and talk to a few contractors. Finally, after a couple of days calling around she found someone who understood her problem. She was told that permeable paving could help resolve her situation. She was immediately happy that her situation could be resolved. She took the contractor up on his offer. She knew that this would make her business look good and that no one would have to slush through water to get into her store.

I Love My Wife…

The day started with a bunch of daylight searing its way into my eyes. Inspired by the blinding pain, I escaped back under the darkness of the super amazing blanket my wife bought. A list of chores that I had been putting off came to mind. Get leaves out of the pool, check the water filtration media, etc. I was drifting off when I felt a hand on my waist and the unmistakable sound of my wife’s voice telling me it was time to get up. I told her I wasn’t going anywhere and it was all her fault for buying a huge thick Faux Fur blanket on whatever website she spent so much money on. She laughed at me for saying it, then she laughed at my attempts to convince her that joining me under the blanket would have been a great idea. Time to wake up.

A Bag Of Rocks

I’ve never been much of an cat person, so when my ex-girlfriend moved away and left me with her rescue cat, I wasn’t exactly thrilled. The cat didn’t like me either. That is, until the day I returned from the pet shop with a small bag of golden gravel pebbles for my aquarium. It started as I was washing the pebbles. The cat became fixated and remained in her trance as I set the tiny rocks along the bottom of the tank. From that day on, the cat was quite friendly. She never left my side. I’ve wondered whether the gravel reminded her of some decent part of her life before the rescue. What I know for sure is that we went from disliking each other to valuing each other’s company. All over a bag of rocks.

Neighborhood Beach Volleyball League

A few years ago I was watching the Olympics. Specificly I was watching the beach volleyball competition. I thought to myself “I would love to play that”. The problem is I live in a land locked state and don’t have easy access to a beach. I decided to build my own court and invite my friends and neighbors to join. I looked up the dimensions for the court on the Olympic web site. I went down to my local hardware store and bought enough silica sand to fill it up. Put up a regulation net and away we went. My first year we have 8 teams. Me and my partner took 3rd place. The Neighborhood league has now grown to 14 teams and an end of the season tournament that we have turned into a block party. It is a great way to get to know your neighbors and a great way to see people in their bathing suits.