A Bag Of Rocks

I’ve never been much of an cat person, so when my ex-girlfriend moved away and left me with her rescue cat, I wasn’t exactly thrilled. The cat didn’t like me either. That is, until the day I returned from the pet shop with a small bag of golden gravel pebbles for my aquarium. It started as I was washing the pebbles. The cat became fixated and remained in her trance as I set the tiny rocks along the bottom of the tank. From that day on, the cat was quite friendly. She never left my side. I’ve wondered whether the gravel reminded her of some decent part of her life before the rescue. What I know for sure is that we went from disliking each other to valuing each other’s company. All over a bag of rocks.

Twice The Fun

I was recently perusing my local office supply store and came across something I had never noticed before. I read the explanation and thought of the convenience that NCR sets could be to my retail store. I imagined that I could keep this handy item and create my own receipts, so I purchased some to try out.
When I returned to my space I devised a new use for my acquisition immediately. In front of my store and partially on the curb in front of my front door there was a vehicle parked. I hastily printed out a parking ticket to place under the windshield of the impeding car. It worked so well that I continued walking up the street and issued more of my homemade tickets to other offenders! And I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed letting people know that I was annoyed by them. In duplicate.

Neighborhood Beach Volleyball League

A few years ago I was watching the Olympics. Specificly I was watching the beach volleyball competition. I thought to myself “I would love to play that”. The problem is I live in a land locked state and don’t have easy access to a beach. I decided to build my own court and invite my friends and neighbors to join. I looked up the dimensions for the court on the Olympic web site. I went down to my local hardware store and bought enough silica sand to fill it up. Put up a regulation net and away we went. My first year we have 8 teams. Me and my partner took 3rd place. The Neighborhood league has now grown to 14 teams and an end of the season tournament that we have turned into a block party. It is a great way to get to know your neighbors and a great way to see people in their bathing suits.

Oh No, Winter is Coming

In many years past, I find I am often lulled to sleep by the lazy days of summer and the beauty of the fall. Then one day I awake and winter winds are piercing my body and the reality of winter sets in.

While I’m constantly aware of the impending inconveniences of winter, I’m usually unprepared to deal with those problems. Every year, I find myself breaking my back trying to keep the driveway clear of snow and ice while help is only a short drive away.

This year, I will finally seek the salvation of natures contribution to the battles of winter. I will purchase a big bag of rock salt and I will smile as the snow falls on my driveway. When my wife nags me to clear the way, it is with great pleasure I will spread my bounty and retire to the comforts of home.

My First Gym Adventure

I am a former United States Marine and after a few years of being out of the service I noticed I was getting a bit chunky. My body wasn’t too bad but I wanted to get my full form back for the summer. The YMCA offered the opportunity to get a personal trainer Salisbury to help me so I decided to use this service as extra motivation to get back in shape with a partner. My first day I entered the gym and began waiting for my trainer, as I was there I looked around for what a trainer would look like which is a person that is in shape but I was sadly mistaken. The trainer happened to be in worst shape in me which made me wonder, are you my trainer? This caused me to go at my training on my own, a trainer should image your fitness goal.

Production of Copies

A system that is often carried out as a large- scale in the industry, and it is an essential to publishing the transaction of different projects within its production. From the history of wood blocking to modern times, printing Manchester is a process for reproducing text and images with the simple use of ink on a paper by using a machine pressing images onto a sheet of paper. With its creative method of letterpress and typography on textiles, clothing, products, and paper, by the images created for personal or business use, then distributive around the world. The most important necessity needed throughout our everyday life when it comes to writing, copying, creating printed characters, financial balancing, or sharing the worldly news with each country. A moveable type of system that is use to process copies of documents, publications, or images for minor and major businesses around the globe.

Tell Me How That Works

Admittedly I am not a mechanical genius but I can usually hold my own when something breaks around the house. What I don’t understand is how these television and movie characters are able to virtually make something work when they don’t have any tools or spare parts.

We’ve all seen some character stranded on a deserted island and suddenly they use their belt and some coconut leaves to make a transistor radio and call for help. The detective shows are just as unrealistic. I mean, I realize they are trained to look for clues but seriously, no one can spot an earring in the grass from one hundred feet away. And tell me how they can compare letterheads from two different batches and know that a hotel clerk is lying about where he was five months ago when someone was murdered. I wish the writers would give us some credit.